I love proverbs! I think of them as shorthand advice – whispers in the ear that provide guidance. They help me know what to do when I think I don’t know what to do. When I’m rushing through the world, multitasking, five errands to do and fifteen minutes to do them, feeling frantic, I think “Whoa girl! A four legged dog only goes one way.” 

That proverb helps me slow down, focus on one thing and a time – and I’m able to accomplish something (maybe not all five errands, but that was unreasonable in the first place). Just a quick, quiet whisper in my ear.

On this blog, I’ll share some of my favorite proverbs, and I invite others to do the same.




3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I love the whole idea of your blog! My soulie (friend soulmate) and I often speak to each other in quotes or proverbs – they sum up the points we’re trying to make so nicely, and in a wiser, more non-judgmental way, lol. I’m really excited to keep up with your writing. I don’t know any African proverbs, so I think your blog will speak to my head and my heart. Thanks for sharing!


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