Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

My deepest thanks to Giggles & Tales for nominating me for this challenge!

3 day quote challenge

The Rules are:

  1.     Post three consecutive days.
  2.     You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3.     Challenge three different bloggers per day.

Day 3 Quote – February 3, 2016

Pencil and eraser

I have to say I’m not crazy about the external focus of this quote. I believe that the only person you can really change is yourself. If the changes I make in myself bring happiness to others, that’s great, but I can’t see changing myself to make others happy.

And while I strive to bring joy wherever I go, I think erasing everyone’s sorrow is WAY to much pressure! What do you think?

I’m going to break the rules a little by not challenging anyone. Instead, I thank everyone who follows my blog or likes a post. I feel so much support, and it means a lot to me.




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