The four legged dog goes to work

A four legged dog only goes one way.

This proverbs speaks about the importance of focusing rather than multitasking. It says that the things we do deserve the respect of our full attention, and that it is good to pay real attention to one thing at a time. Sounds fine, except that sometimes when we’re working on something, we are not alone.  What about working in a group with other people?

The four legged dog says that it is no less important for a group to focus on one goal. Yes, every person in the group is an individual, but the strength of the group is that each individual brings their talents and skills to the task at hand, and together the task is accomplished.  When everyone isn’t working towards the same goal, progress stops.

And while that sounds pretty straightforward, it can be really hard.  I’ve been in groups where gossip was more important than any goal. In other groups, not everyone was equally dedicated, and eventually the group became bitter with anger and resentment. Maybe we got the work done, but it wasn’t the best we could have done.

It’s at times like that when the four legged dog stops whispering and starts YELLING. When a group works together towards a goal, each person enriches the results, and even more, they enrich the process. The trick is to stay focused on the goal and appreciate what each person brings to the table.

A four legged dog only goes one way.




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