If you don’t sell your head, nobody can buy it.

Let me be clear right away – THERE IS NO SEXUAL CONNOTATION TO THIS PROVERB.  It refers to the large head on the top of the neck, and the brain contained therein.

We are all bombarded daily with messages, and usually, they tell us that something is wrong.  Every time I watch TV, the commercials tell me I smell bad (buy this deodorant!) or look bad (buy this diet pill!) or don’t have enough money or shoes or whatever. Marketing tells us that one way or another, we are not good enough as we are and everything will be better once we buy their product.It feeds on our emotions to gain our belief, out trust, and ultimately, our money.

If you don’t sell you head, nobody can buy it.

This proverb says think for yourself. Marketing is what it is, but in the end, we have to make our own decisions, and own the decisions we make. Best for me to check under my own arms to decide whether I need to need to make a purchase.

Choosing to buy a new cleanser or a new car is one thing, but the same can happen with the marketing of ideas. Politics today are heavily influenced by the booming voices on TV or the mass of words on the internet. Social media, blogs, tweets, images, articles – we see them all the time, and no less than the marketers of merchandise, they seek to buy our agreement.

Just as a purchase can have a long term impact on our finances, political choices can have an enduring impact on our world. This whisper is a reminder to take time and care before selling your head to some quick, loudly repeated soundbite. People can continually bombard you with messages, but unless you make a choice to sell it, your head is your own.



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