If rain doesn’t fall, corn won’t grow.

The last month or so was tough for me. After working for nearly thirty years (or over thirty years if I count part time jobs during high school), I retired – YAY! It felt great, especially during the first snowstorm I could really enjoy because I could watch it out of my window – no getting dressed and going out on terrible roads.

I expected retirement to be GREAT, but after the first few weeks, I felt lost – so restless and antsy. I was used to having somewhere to go every day, work to do, and a sense of purpose – now that was gone.

If rain doesn’t fall, corn won’t grow.

This proverb says that there may be difficult times, but those times are necessary for the benefit after. A farmer may not love the rain while it’s falling, but the sweet corn that comes later makes every drop worthwhile.

For me, retirement brought a rainstorm. After years of work telling me what I had to do, not having that direction was surprisingly unpleasant.  What I’m realizing now is that there is real value in having some transition time, even if (or maybe especially because) it isn’t always comfortable for my goal oriented self.

If rain doesn’t fall, corn won’t grow.

This rainstorm is giving me the gift of time to understand the difference between what made me busy and what makes me happy; time to figure out what I want to do. I’m reading books like The Happiness Project and Life Reimagined. I don’t have any corn yet, but like the farmer, I’m learning to  appreciate the rain.

How about you?  Please feel free to share your thoughts and/or experiences with rain growing corn. We can all grow together!


5 thoughts on “If rain doesn’t fall, corn won’t grow.

  1. Hi MB. I haven’t worked for a few years and I doubt if I will ever work again. Although I am over 60 years old I still call it unemployment because if I could find work that I could cope with and be paid money, I would like to do some. But jobs seem to come in great big chunks or zero chunks and very little in between. To me, the word retired simply means to have a pension for life that pays for everything you need. I don’t know whether I will die before my money runs out or not. It’s difficult to know how much money I need. It depends on medical bills mostly, because you never know what is around the corner and I don’t live in a Welfare State. I find it very strange you celebrate retirement as an event. Well that’s my view anyway. Best of luck.

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