Daily Prompt: Banned

Banned: There are days when I find myself being my own worst enemy – full of self doubt and negative thoughts. On those days, if someone makes a comment like “maybe you should lose a little weight” I spiral down fast and hard into a pool of misgivings, self pity, self loathing…..it never occurs to me that they could be wrong.

So when I think of the word banned, I want to ban my own negativity.  And of course, a proverb comes to mind:

If your head doesn’t betray you, no one can hurt you.

It’s kind of like a door that is cracked open – my head lets in a negative comment and then the door is pushed wide open and every negative thought I have comes flooding out. This proverb reminds me that even when someone makes a critical comment, it only hurts if I let my head accept their opinion.  I cannot allow my head to betray me; I have to keep the door closed.

I can’t keep my mind filled with negative thoughts or my soul filled with self-doubt. Time for all of that to be banned!


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